I think this is the second time I rp Chae in a club… it’s interesting because last time it was with her boyfriend so it wasn’t a very ‘oooh yiss imma rub all ova ya’ kinda thing. This time… well she has no reason not to L O L

I am thoroughly amused.

Angel in the Club º•º Chaerin&Rav

It was a saturday night and it was high time the angel had gotten her but off campus to do something other than study or worry. Lately, that’s all she’d really done. Study and worry, and it was getting her nowhere. Well, the worrying part. Questions about the pathway she was walking down in her life, where her boyfriend had gone without saying anything… things like that. They gnawed at her pretty often as much as she tried to take her mind off of things. That’s where the studying had come in handy. But it was a short-term solution since studying could only do so much before it became a headache instead of just a distraction.

That’s why she’d run off to a nightclub in the city for the night. To dance and just put everything aside for a few hours while she let the music blow everything right out of her mind. She was alone too, which might not have been to bright of an idea considering how she’d seen drunken human males slide up on girls at clubs. Then again, she was a guardian angel. One of heaven’s finest, the only one, so no human was really a match for her anyway. Plus, she had no real plans to pour herself a bottle of alcohol, which meant no intoxicated brain cells.

With her favorite pair of thigh-high boots on, gifted to her by a good friend for exactly these sorts of occasions, and short shorts that accentuated her thighs, she danced to the beat the DJ was spinning. In a crowd of many party-goers, Chaerin stood out somehow. Maybe it was just her angel aura, but right now she was doing something a little wild for an angel and she didn’t care.

Shots, Shots, and more Shots Chaerin-ia & Choi-ia


Tabi was walking through one of the corridors until he happened to be lost. He sighed, he had been here for almost three in a half weeks, but still happened to end up lost, It wasn’t his fault to be honest. It was the school’s fault. The school was too fucking big and no one gave him a map either. He went down another corridor, then made a left to see a girl seating alone. He did not know whether he should say “Hi” or keep walking. He had time to waste and he wasn’t tired. Most people would be studying or getting ready to go to bed at this hour.

"Hey." He poked the women before speaking again. "What are you doing here at this hour? The only people that roam around here at this hour are the little demons and vampires or worst. But I can feel you’re none of the two. I’m Choi Seunghyun, but you can call me Tabi." He smiled. He could feel her aura was much brighter than any dark spawn. So she must have been an angel or something of the sort he thought.

It was pretty late, if you weren’t one of the nocturnal creatures that lived at the academy. Late or not though, the angel was out and about for the simple sake of just not having to go back to her dorm room just yet. She barely spoke to her roommate, and honestly, being cooped up lately just made her feel restless. So, there she was, roaming the hallways without direction. Maybe she’d just go outside and spread her wings for a bit. Take a night flight. The skies at this hour were usually pretty anyway.

Before she could carry out that plan though, the angel felt a poke on her shoulder. Curious, she turned her head and met eyes with a male she hadn’t seen around the academy before. “You’re wrong about that, Seunghyun.” Chaerin said, the corners of her lips turning up just slightly to form a vague smile. “ Some angels enjoy the darkness just as much as nocturnal beings.” The guy was friendly enough for some random person who had poked her. “I’m Chaerin.”

Attack •º• Chaerin&Erika


It was perfect day for shopping, indeed. Erika had gotten up early to realize the Sun was shining high on th sky and that was almost not a single cloud on the sky. This was good, actually. Now, she could actually go shopping, something which she had been planning for days now but never managed to put int actions ince either she had homework, it rained or something else would come up. But, there was no excuses today, she told herself and got dressed, having a muffin and a mug of tea for breakfast before she hurrie dto the morning tran and headed to the city. This was going to be nice; she could feel it deep inside of her core.

Her first stop was a boutique where she bought new sandals for the summer and lateron a new summer dress; the gargoyle really liked those. After that, she stopped by an ice cream stand and refreshed her body wth a delicious flavour of lemon. There were two more stops she had to make and before she knew it, after many hours of running around the city, it was already afternoon. She did not feel tired gargoyles felt that quite rarely but then again, there were some assignments to do back at school which were due that week. Knowing that she had bought enough things and that her free time had energized her body enough, the gargoyle decided to go back to the Academy.

However, as she was making her way to the train station, she felt something strange. There were certain races that she simply had to feel lurking around. Erika could not tell, my scent, a fairy from a mermaid, but some darker races were extremely difficult to miss. Demons, for example, were such a race. Although a neutral creature, Erika felt uneasy around these spawns of darkness. One could never be too safe around them.

Thinking they were just heading about their own business, the gargoyle continued to walk until she saw something else. There was a girl coming right towards her and she seemed to be at unease as well, judging by her face expression. Tilting her head a little, Erika soon recognized the face. She did not know the woman’s name but she had certain seen her walking about the Insolitus grounds. And the demons? Oh well, they were right behind this woman. Not exactly behind, like a metre close or anything, but they were there; lurking in the shadows and casting a sinister darkness on the light of the Sun that would soon start to set. Erika frowned and stopped, making the female stop as well. Their eyes met and Erika said, lowly. ”Who are they?”

Demons, vampires, it didn’t matter what they were exactly. Not when they were lurking out at her from the shadows of trees and buildings in what could only be considered an organized number. This wasn’t just one or two strays working together, not from what she could tell. The angel wasn’t about to stop and look around to figure out an exact number either. If she did, she’d just risk being attacked sooner rather than later. The only fact that mattered right now to her was that there was definitely a group larger than two waiting for an opportunity to strike once the sun set.

The angel kept her pace steady and unhurried, as though the presence of danger had not alerted her guardian senses. It was best to not announce through body language that she’d noticed something was up. By the way they were all simply lingering around in the shadows, Chaerin could assume they were not beings that could dally in the light. Too bad the light was quickly going down and being replaced by nighttime skies. Danger was pretty darn near, but there wouldn’t be enough time to get safely back to the academy without putting up a good fight. Truthfully, there was some reluctance to fight at all for the angel. Not because she felt bad about it or anything, but more because she hadn’t needed to fight in such a long time. Practicing combative movements and actually killing someone were two different things, the latter being nothing new to the angel.

It was then that the angel noted there was someone else with her that was not part of this organized group of shadow-dwellers. It was a young woman, and the angel could place the face back at the academy. A name wouldn’t surface in her memory though. It was probably someone she had seen or briefly met once, and by the looks of it, the woman had noticed something wrong with the lurkers too.

Now wasn’t a good time to be stopping to chat, not with the sun going down already, but the angel paused to look at the woman and for a few seconds ignore the beings that were shifting around where they stood. Obviously they were getting anxious for the darkness to take over once the sun set. “I don’t know.” The angel replied, her eyes glancing around at the nearest one that was somewhere by their far left-hand side. “Probably just a bunch of rouge vampires? Demons? Something that can’t come out during daylight…” The angel bit her lip as she glanced up at the sky this time, noting how the sun was already halfway down behind the horizon. “And if that’s true, we have very little time to do something. I mean, if there is a plan that involves two. Running won’t do any good at this point, there isn’t time to get anywhere safe.”

(Source: chaerin-ia)


It wasn’t a surprise that she didn’t remember. Jieun had only heard of them a few times from the old teachers though on her own she’d snuck and read them, memorized them when she’d known she wasn’t supposed to. Back then it had just been for the thrill, the knowledge of breaking rules and not being caught - who would suspect an Angel of her low level of even trying to break rules? But in the end it had helped her. 

"How did it go?" Gnawing on her cheek Jieun shifted in her chair as she cleared his throat. "It….well…I’m still standing aren’t I?" She hadn’t been harmed, though considering she wasn’t the Angel she used to be perhaps that was one reason. And the other men? Well they would never use their Korean jungle sticks on another being ever again. "All I remember is wanting them to stop, and the words coming to my mind from those old scrolls. I guess one never forgets the old language no matter what they do hmm?"

The conversation would have probably been a whole lot more awkward had the two girls not been friends, and had Chaerin been one of those well-kept angel types that really didn’t know much about death and the ways of the world. If that had been the case, they probably would never have been talking about this at all. It was brief, but the angel gave a moment of her thoughts to be glad she wasn’t that way.

“Yea, I guess you are. Thank goodness too or else you’d give Taeyeon another heart attack if she found you limp somewhere again.” Chaerin flashed the other a teasing smile, lifting her water bottle up to her lips to take a quick sip. “No, some things you never forget, no matter how distant you become from your origins.” This time the blonde let out a sigh, contemplating if she would end up the same once she separated herself from God. After a few moments of pondering that, the angel shook her head to clear out the thoughts and looked up at her friend. “I’m just glad your fine. If you hadn’t taken care of the attackers, I would have done it for you. No one messes with people I care about.”


Jieun had just taken a sip of her drink when Chaerin asked the rather blunt question. The drink went down the wrong pipe and raising a napkin to her lips she wheezed into it. She hadn’t expected it to be put like that and it was in that moment that she found a new found appreciation for the other girl. “I did.” She was more than happy to hear that the other wasn’t judging her, she’d had enough judgement to last her a lifetime. 

Her head gave a nod as she sighed relieved. Chaerin was the first person she was telling, and the first she had seen since the attack had happened and she hadn’t realize a weight was on her shoulders until now. “I couldn’t let anyone else get hurt right? And they just kept harassing me and taunting me and I don’t know.” She grew silent for a moment as the night passed through her mind again. “Do you remember the old chants, not the ones we were taught in the early years of gaining our wings but the older chants that we read about but rarely saw used?” Shifting in her chair she ran a hand through her hair as she swallowed. “I remembered and used some of them…”

What Chaerin hadn’t expected was such a notable reaction from her friend and quickly, her hand went out to gently pat the girl on the back a few times. Was it that much of a shocker? Maybe it was, since she was still considered a ‘pure’ angel, but really, were guardians ever under any right to be seen in that kind of way? Whatever way Jieun had thought of her until this moment the blonde really wouldn’t know for sure, not that she cared much. They got along just fine and that was what mattered.

“No, it would have been more cruel if you’d let them go free. Bad people have bad things happen to them.” Chaerin shrugged, stuffing her forkful of pasta into her mouth as she listened to the other angel. “Old chants? I don’t remember them all too well, but I know what your talking about.” Curiosity caught Chaerin and she tilted her head, chewing slowly. “You used them? You know, I’m almost sure we aren’t supposed to use them.” Not that it mattered. Chaerin wasn’t exactly a saint or a model of good behavior anymore. “How did that go?”


Inwardly the angel sighed. Chaerin had not received the subtle implication of her words. Her head gave a small shake and leaning back in her seat Jieun folded her hands upon the table humming in the back of her throat. “They….weren’t roughly handled.” How did one make known their actions to an angel who still served on the side of the light? Biting her lip Jieun let her eyes sink to her lap as she let out a long breath. “It wasn’t that I planned to do it, I didn’t but then he hit me, and he kept hitting me, and I knew they would do it again if I didn’t stop them.” Oh she’d stopped them alright, in a way that she hadn’t remembered ever being able to do. 

Of course Chaerin had caught the implication, she wasn’t as naive as most of her kind. Having been one of the few that actually saw bloodshed and skirmishes throughout her lifetime, the blonde angel was no stranger to death and causing death. Jieun, though, seemed to rephrase what she’d already said, and Chaerin just poked at a pasta piece with her fork and brought it to her mouth while listening. “So, you got rid of them.” The angel said bluntly, exhaling as she swallowed. “You had a good reason to do what you did, so I’m not judging you for anything.” Chaerin said, her voice nonchalant. “Besides, if you had let them go, who knows how many other people they would have had the chance to attack?”


Setting her fork down Jieun kept her eyes on the table as she let her hands fall to rest in her lap and then to run through her hair. Chaerin really did know how to keep her lips sealed, but in telling her what happened she would have to tell her everything and that was the problem or was it? Maybe telling someone else would help her mind to fully stabilize what had happened making it real. “I was assaulted the other night…” She spoke evenly as she crossed her arms over her chest, the hard edge in her voice was quite evident. “It obviously wasn’t their first time attacking a woman leaving a bar. They followed me but I didn’t realize it until they were right there.” It hadn’t bothered her either, until she’d been hit and then panic had set in and she shuddered thinking about it. Brown eyes lifted to glance at her friend as she gave a nod of her head. “But they were easily taken care of.”

If there was one thing that Chaerin had plenty of, it was patience. Among other beneficial traits. It came in handy often, and really, it was useful for times like this. Times when a friend was obviously hurt but not willing to speak up right away about the circumstances surrounding it. So, when Jieun finally spilled the gist of the story, the blonde was slightly unsurprised to hear that it was an assault. The hardness in the other girl’s voice made Chaerin glance up at her to get a better view of the other’s face, but she seemed… totally fine. For the most part, at least. “Well, people who assault others… I really don’t sympathize with them, so I can’t say that I’d feel bad if they were roughly handled.” The angel gave her friend a small smile, encouraging her. “I just hope you really are fine. Keep that bruise iced, alright?”