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Roommate ••• Chaerin&YoungDeuk


Young Deuk was grumpily carrying his massive duffle bag inside the dorm building. He wished that at lease one of the carts had been available to transport the bag, but they had all been taken once he got to the main door. At least there’s an elevator, he thought as he lugged it in behind him, just quick enough so that the doors wouldn’t close on him. With a tired sigh, he slumped back against the wall of the elevator, but his moment of resting wasn’t long enough, because shortly after there was another ding and the doors opened. Groaning out a muffled complaint, he picked up his bag again and carried it out of the elevator and down the hall.

Arrived at his room, he made sure to double check the papers in his pocket for the room number, then he reached up and knocked on the door. He had been given a key to the room, but out of courtesy he felt it better to knock and wait for a reply. He forgot to check the name of his roommate on the paper, so he hadn’t a clue that his roomie was a girl.

Usually, when a new student who was assigned as her roommate, they’d just march on into the room without knocking. Some would knock as a warning and then open the door though, but never just knock and then wait. So, when the angel heard the loud taps on the dorm room door, her head tilted as she looked up from her book and wondered if it was someone she knew. Maybe Yoseob had popped in for a visit? Which, was honestly a little unlikely since he would always text her before dropping in for a visit.

Without wasting a second, afraid to make the person outside wait for too long, she got up and sprinted to the door. When she opened it, there was a boy standing there with a duffle bag and a bit of an agitated face. “Oh, hello.” The angel greeted with a small smile, “Let me guess, you’re my new roommate? Come in, you didn’t really have to knock.” Chaerin gave the boy a small bow out of politeness and backed out of the doorway so that the boy could enter.

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Roommate ••• Chaerin&YoungDeuk

Another roommate had bit the dust, and the angel was really nowhere near being too surprised about it anymore. At this rate, it had happened enough times to just become a natural thing. A roommate would be assigned and then they would vanish after a month. In some ways, the angel kinda wished that she would have a roommate who would permanently stay, but then again, that was an unrealistic wish. Either way, she’d been told she was assigned a new roommate that morning, but she hadn’t really looked up the name. Instead, she had stayed in her room and curled up on her favorite chair by the windows with a book propped open against her thighs.

She’d spent a good portion of the morning just reading leisurely. Something she didn’t have much time for nowadays, so she’d made it a point to keep saturdays free for just reading and doing activities that weren’t school related. And since she didn’t have a roommate up until that morning, she’d been able to keep the lights on at night to read until she fell asleep. Probably something she wouldn’t be able to do when she got a new roommate.

Angels on Expedition || Chaerin&Taeyeon [Memory]


Taeyeon nodded her head in agreement, “If a hotel concierge gave out wrong information and made guests unhappy, they would have been fired already. I don’t think the school would have booked a hotel for us to stay at if it wasn’t highly rated. And hotels with lying concierges and unhappy guests do not get bad reviews.” Although their circumstances leaned towards the two angels being lost with each passing minute, Taeyeon wasn’t too worried like Chaerin. She was sure that they would find their way back to the hotel one way or another. Plus there was a beautiful, mysterious pyramid in front of her! The younger angel wasn’t the least bit disappointed if they didn’t find the original pyramid they were searching for. Something unexpected happening made exploring that much more fun and spontaneous.

“So if the tour group already passed this pyramid, that’s better for us, right? We don’t have to rush through our expedition since we don’t really have a schedule to keep.” She smiled to herself at the thought of them spending the whole day inside the pyramid. Who knows, maybe they could discover something that previous archaeologists missed. Chaerin motioned for her to stand by her side and mentioned that they should start trying to find a way to get in. Taeyeon watched as her unnie then began to slowly walk away from her to one side of the pyramid, her face focused. The guardian angel was right about the entrance being noticeable if it was excavated. However, there was no ditch or channel in sight as the ground was leveled.

She walked up to the pyramid, stretching out her hand to touch the limestone surface. Then she slowly walked in the opposite direction of Chaerin, her hand tracing an invisible straight line as she felt around for any unevenness that would give them a clue for the entrance. It took her about ten minutes to reach the edge of the pyramid and she had felt nothing. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she wiped her forehead of the sweat that had formed due to being out in the hot sun. Taeyeon debated on trying her tactic once more till she reached the other side of the pyramid that Chaerin was at. Raising her hand, she placed it on the edge of the pyramid where both of the sides met. 

Suddenly, the limestone block moved inward, causing her to lose her balance from initially concentrating her weight on her hand. Her eyes widened at the movement and loud sounds were heard as the ground began to shake and rumble. She gasped, watching in shock as the spot of sand Chaerin and herself were previously standing on began to open up a downward ditch that appeared to lead underneath the pyramid. “…I think I found the entrance.”

Taeyeon was more than just excited about the whole situation, and it almost made the older angel laugh out loud. Had she been with anyone else, they probably would have been just as concerned as Chaerin was. Or wary at the very least. Completely contrasting that though, the younger angel was pretty much passive at the idea of danger or any sort of flagged feeling of concern. Instead, she was constantly spitting out new reasons why the situation was better off being looked at from a good point of view rather than Chaerin’s more cautious way of thinking. Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe the guardian angel needed a little more flexibility in the way that she approached these sorts of situations. She couldn’t help it though, being someone raised to be overly suspicious at the smallest detail gone wrong, it was just in her blood as a warrior.

“I guess you’re right. At least we won’t have to worry too much about trying to fit in with the human tour groups either, right?” There we go, the positivity was starting to rub off on Chaerin as she spoke. Taeyeon was an infectious bug of that positivity. Maybe the older angel needed it more than she’d thought in the past. Either way, Taeyeon was already making way toward the pyramid beside her. All eyes were on the large stone structure, and why not? The thing was incredibly large and built with stone slabs bigger than either angel could probably carry even if they worked together. It kind of made Chaerin wonder how the heck humans had been able to build it. Back in the days that egyptians had built such colossal monuments, wasn’t technology very limited and transport almost impossible by land if not carried out by a mule?

At some point, the two angels went on separate paths around the pyramid. Chaerin went around the left to see if she could determine a place where an opening might be located, while Taeyeon went right to see if anything was able to be identified on that side. Two heads were better than one in this case, and the sooner they found the entrance, the sooner they’d be down discovering things neither one had ever seen before. It felt a little like that human movie, Indiana Jones, except much cooler because angels on expedition. Not humans. Ten minutes crawled by, and the older angel was no closer to finding the entrance than she’d been when they started poking around the perimeter of the pyramid. She’d jabbed at several stones, tried to dig the toe of her shoe into a crack that looked too perfect to be a natural crack, and dusted off some sand from a limestone rock to see if there were any symbols underneath that would be helpful, but nothing.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake and a loud rumbling made Chaerin hop backward away from the pyramid in alarm, her eyes wide and alert. Something had just happened, and it sure wasn’t from the dusting she’d been doing. “Taeyeon?” Chaerin called out, glancing over to Tayeon, only to find that the floor had been hollowed out and a nice sized ditch had appeared. “What did you do?” Cautiously, she moved closer, peering into the ditch with narrowed eyes. Only a few feet below could be seen thanks to the fire that was burning from two torches. Anything beyond that was dark, and if they wanted to see more, they’d have to go in. “I guess we won’t be having a guided tour…”

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Attack •º• Chaerin&Erika

The sun was shining, the wind was cold, and the people were out and about for a day in the town. Why wouldn’t they be? It was one of the less cold days the area had seen in a week or so, and besides, when had the weather ever been a reason that kept the population indoors? Even in the worst of snowfall, there were always people out on errand. Days were necessity, and people needed to tend to their business. Chaerin was the same, though she was outside the academy gates on the rare whim she had for a little visit to some shops she’d been to before on several occasions and actually really enjoyed. Her first stop had been the bookstore that Yoseob had taken her to way back when she had been a new face at the academy.

A few hours in the bookstore, and she’d emerged with a brown paper shopping bag that held the three hardcover books she’d purchased for reading later when she got home. It felt like a good day already, and instead of making her way back to the academy, the angel found that it would add even more good feeling to her day if she stopped by the little bakery and coffee shop for a warm brew and a sweet treat. She could even start reading up on one of the books while she enjoyed her food. So, without further ado, she quickly changed directions and headed onto a less-crowded street that was a good distance from the main roads. It was still daytime anyway, and by the time night came, she’d probably be inside the coffee shop.

Well, it wasn’t perfectly well-lit out there, but the sky was still majority orange and red with the setting sun. With a sigh, Chaerin switched the paper bag to her other hand and continued on. Being a guardian angel with plenty of experience with unpleasant situations, she was quick to pick up on something that didn’t feel quite right. There was darkness that followed the setting sun a few yards away, but she could see what lurked from behind sheltered spots of a nearby playground. She couldn’t make out specific details yet, but it was in her system that an alarm went off in warning. Nice people, of any kind, didn’t stare from distances without so much as moving. The angel didn’t want a scene out in the city, so she just made off at a quicker pace as though she hadn’t seen them. Them, because there was more than one. If they attacked, she’d be forced into action.

With evening slowly approaching, the angel wanders at a slow pace down the banks of the river for the sake of having something to do. She really didn’t want to be in her room seeing as how she was oddly alone nowadays in there. Coming close enough to the edge of the lake to see her reflection, she stops and sighs softly, eyeing the ripples in the water. Vaguely, she wondered if the ripples were being caused by the giant squid that was rumored to live under the water’s surface.

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new friends| |chaerin&lydia


Checking her piece of paper saying her dorm number, Lydia came to a stop. Taking a few deep breaths, she opened the door. Instantly, she saw another girl. “Oh hey. Um,” she paused to check her paper, “Chaerin? I’m Lydia. I’m your new room mate.” Puffing her cheeks out, she dropped her things on the obviously spare bed. “So what’s mine?” She asked, eyes scanning the space. Having never shared a room before, Lydia was a bit nervous. She didn’t want to end up with one of those room mate horror stories she’d read about online.

Another roommate had bit the dust, and the angel was really nowhere near being too surprised about it anymore. At this rate, it had happened enough times to just become a natural thing. A roommate would be assigned and then they would vanish after a month. That’s why when a new girl stepped into the room, Chaerin silently wondered how long this one would last as she got up from her place on the bed and walked over to greet her. “Oh, welcome to Insolitus then.” The angel said with a friendly nod of her head. “Um, well, that is the open bed…” Chaerin pointed to the empty bed across from her own and tucked her blond hair behind an ear. “There should be enough space for your stuff too. Do you need help with anything?”

Weight of the World •º• Chaerin&Kris


It was yet another average day for the young were eagle as he lounged carelessly in the trees. Nothing was disturbing him, per usual, and if he so wished, nothing would. Although he had rather keen senses from his bird form, Kris also had the amazing ability to zone out so much that the rest of the world would essentially disappear around him, leaving him in his own quiet solitude. In his own opinion, there was nothing better than the beauty of being alone when he felt he really needed it. Moments like these gave the were time to ponder life, to think about his friends and loved ones, and to think about his girl as well. There were so many things to think about, and never enough time, so he made himself some time.

It was as he was just about to zone out and daydream about having a spectacular date with the adorable Geumhee that his eyes caught sight of a pair of large, off-white wings attached to a body landing gracefully upon the ground below. Kris sat up, gazing out over the land below to get a better look at the fair maiden that had just set foot onto the world. Golden locks tangled, wings calming after their flight, and body held strong with confidence, this girl was simply a marvel to look at. Plus she had landed just on the edge of the lake, which gave her a gorgeous moonlight glow. She wasn’t as pretty as a certain someone in his life, but he definitely made her curious.

In one swift motion, the boy jumped down from the tree, sliding his hands into his pockets and placing an awkward but friendly smile upon his face. “U-um… hello there, miss,” he greeted, tilting his head towards her to try to get her attention. He had never seen a creature with a human build, yet with such large and elegant wings. It was rather enticing to him, in fact. “Uh, h-have we met before? My name’s Kris…. you look familiar to me but I don’t quite remember. I-I’m sorry.” Well, so much for a calm introduction into casual conversation. If there was one thing that Kris was good at, it was fucking up the simplest forms of interaction known to mankind.

It seemed that she’d overestimated the state of the area she’d landed in after all. It had looked empty and quiet, but in fact, there was this one person who had hid himself well enough in the area so that she wouldn’t have seen him even if she’d bothered to scan more closely. It was almost a situation that made the angel just the tiniest bit unsettled, not because she was afraid of the guy who had just randomly popped out of a tree, but because she’d been in a similar situation before… and it hadn’t ended very well for her when the stranger had turned out to be a psycho teacher who wanted to rip out her wings for some sort of sick collection.

With that experience under her belt of numerous encounters with people who wanted to harm her, the guardian angel was rightfully cautious when the boy suddenly jumped out of the tree and landed a fair distance away from her. Even though he wore a friendly smile and had his hands in his pocket, Chaerin eyed him carefully before offering a gentle smile in return. “Met before?” This made the angel stop and think for a second, her mind working to recall his face from a long list of people she’d met for even the briefest moment. He did seem familiar… “Maybe we have, I usually greet all the new students so maybe that’s why?” It was a likely suggestion, more likely than the possibility that they shared a class together. If that had been the case, surely she would have recognized him more easily as a classmate.

For now, the angel would take her mind off being defensive and focus on conversation. Besides, even if he tried anything, she’d be more than able to take him down in a quick fight. So, with one hand running through her long blonde locks and the other extending toward the other in a polite gesture of greeting, the angel smiled more genuinely this time. “I’m Chaerin, it’s nice to meet you Kris. Sorry if I seemed… unfriendly for a moment but you can never be too careful with new people. Especially when you’ve had bad experiences.”  

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