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2014.10, Elle, 2NE1, CL

Dark Wings •§• Chaerin&Taeyeon

Things had happened and details had changed. Well, it was more than just details getting shifted around these past few days. Everything about personality and sense of morals seemed to have shifted around radically ever since the day Chaerin had welcomed a demon to force darkness into her soul. The former guardian angel felt… detached from herself. It was like she was getting to know herself as a new person, because it really felt like there was another viewpoint that got cleaned up and brought out to her conscious.

Out of the three angel friends there at Insolitus, Jieun had been first to go down the Dark angel’s path first. Chaerin had pondered doing the same, but never thought she actually would have like she did. At the very least she was saving herself the trouble of being looked for by the higher ups for stealing back what she took initiative to keep. It was all really crazy when she reflected on the past few days. She’d literally tossed herself into a chaotic way to live her life, and it was so far from the peaceful happy one she’d imagined before. Maybe it was just confusion muddling her thoughts, but she just really needed someone to talk to.

And who better than her only pure angel friend? Taeyeon, even though she was younger, had always been the shoulder Chaerin could lean on when she needed it. Today, she needed it. She needed to get all this weight off her shoulders. Not to mention, she really did need to tell the younger angel about her… new angel classification. That’s why she was standing at Taeyeon’s door with a bag of Oreo cookies. Well, at least she wasn’t suddenly showing up with broken bones and bloody gashes like Jieun had when the news broke out. “Taeyeon?” Chaerin called out, knocking on the door with her knuckles several times. Hopefully she was in right now.

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Just an FYI. Chae is a Dark angel as of today, so new plots will be put out for yall to take if you’re interested :3

Opposites of the Spectrum º•º Self-Para

So it was true, those things that people often talked about amongst each other. It wasn’t just a mythical happening that could happen to the unfortunate. It happened to everyone. It was a reality. One that the angel had not thought she’d ever have to face. For as long as she’d been on earth, she had assumed that nothing could be as bad as her falling out with heaven or her rape, but she was dead wrong. There were worse things, and they had targeted her. People come, and those same people go. They leave without warning or reason, and sometimes it is so quick, that you question if you ever truly had that person to begin with. That’s what Chaerin had heard from plenty of mouths, and now here she was, with no choice but to fall back on those words with a sense of understanding.

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Marked with Darkness º•º Chaerin&Jonghyun


"Yeah, that makes sense," Jonghyun replied with a crooked smile on his lips. "Even though I can’t exactly imagine what it’s like to be connected to someone that way." He didn’t say how Chaerin wasn’t the first angel telling him of her disappointment in a God that was supposed to be like her father and guide her and whatnot, the sermons of religion never having been of much interest to him if it wasn’t for the purpose of going up against them. Instead, the demon took the glass back from her in silence when she offered it to him and bought himself a few valuable seconds before he would have to answer her. And when he finally did, a thoughtful preceded his words. "Well .. You know how your body is unable to remove toxins if you don’t drink enough?" Tapping one finger of his free hand against his lips, he stopped on his way back to the kitchen and turned back around; mouth slightly pursed.

There wasn’t exactly concern in his eyes, more a knowing sympathy as he tilted his head to study her. “You’re still an angel bound to the Light and I just pushed more Darkness under your skin than it should ever be exposed to. Think of it as if I left you in a desert and cut off your every water source.” Jonghyun grimaced, slightly waving his hand that still held onto the glass between his fingertips and eventually just nudged it into the air in the same motion, where it hovered for a few seconds before a simple gesture of his hand sent it back into the kitchen on its own. The demon himself clearly paid no attention to what he did, as he was busy focusing on how to explain what he’d meant. “Alright, weird example — but to make it simple, I poisoned you from the inside and your being, as it is right now, will try to heal from that and fail because it’s impossible to tear out the source now. If you take too long staying on the good side,” his shoulders lifted into a shrug,” I don’t know what that corruption is going to do to you.” But boy would he love to see what might happen. Maybe he should capture himself a less significant angel in the future for study purposes.

Oh." While tapping his fingers against his leg, Jonghyun wandered back to the couch where he sat down across from the angel. "There’s one more thing, by the way. I added .. sort of as a precaution, a connection to my beastie — meaning, you’ll be able to call a Hellhound outside of the academy. It’s mine, so ultimately bound to me but will take orders from you temporarily in case you ever get attacked by angels. Despite the spells hiding you now." Another small grin broke across his lips. "I just couldn’t resist the irony. An angel commanding a hellhound fits the rebel image you have now, don’t you think?"

It was a relief to know that she wasn’t spouting off what might have sounded like nonsense to anyone else. She supposed it was just her good fortune to have a friend like Jonghyun. He understood what she was trying to say, even if he didn’t know the feeling personally since his situation was… well different. Angels and demons were always classified differently, for reasons that were pretty obvious to anyone who had a brain, but Chaerin had never thought they were very different. Not since she’d met Ruki all those years ago. In retrospect, that’s when she’d started leaving behind her teachings as an angel of God. So maybe she was wrong after all? Maybe she wasn’t as devoted as she’d always, and still, thought. She hadn’t agreed 100 percent with God about how life worked, or demons, or love, and it made her a living sin. At least, that’s what she felt. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have put her on this earth as punishment. Too bad she didn’t learn her lesson and found a reason to break free of His order.

Chaerin didn’t answer vocally to the question, instead she just nodded her head once. Jonghyun probably didn’t see the gesture though, since he was already heading back to the kitchen with his back toward her, but it seemed like one of those questions that was so painfully obvious that an answer wasn’t really needed, so she assumed that he would keep on going with wherever this was leading. He stopped though, halfway between the kitchen and where she was sitting on his couch, and turned to look at her. Chaerin let her bottom lip poke out just slightly, a sign of thought - not a pout. “So, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better.” That seemed extreme, but it made sense. The image she had thanks to Jonghyun’s words of the darkness overriding the light inside of her was really reminiscent of what she’d done all her life in battle. Her whole purpose had been to banish darkness from where light thrived, and look what she was allowing to happen now. Her gaze slipped away from Jonghyun, somehow not shocked by the floating cup and how it zoomed away to the kitchen alone, to stare down at her hands as the next example came when she really didn’t need it.

Either way, the example he gave her made the angel laugh softly, hardly any actual humor in it. “So I finally get to be the bad angel that I was accused of.” Chaerin had never been bad in any form of the word; never gone against God directly, never challenged his authority, never not repented for what sins she’d done. The only thing she’d done is found love and been accepting toward demons that were not the enemy. Of course, now she had more sins on her shoulders, but even when she prayed for fervent forgiveness, God had not answered. “Now He won’t ever speak to me again, that’s for sure.” Chaerin voiced her last thought on the matter, and laughed again, heaving a sigh as she prepared to get off the couch. It was about time she left, Jonghyun probably had other things to do. When she did get up, she was left with a piece of information that made her eyes widen slightly.

Chaerin, a former angel of God, former Guardian of the Gates, in charge of a Hellhound and on the run as a dark angel. She was truly a sight to see now, wasn’t she? Widened eyes turned to calm ones that had a glint of newfound confidence, and her lips lifted upward in a smile. “I couldn’t have done it without you. When you need a favor, come by and find me, you have my number.” With that, Chaerin turned and walked out of the room, her aura no doubt cloudy and no longer as bright as it had been when she walked into the demon’s room.

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Lips press together at the refusal. Soojung lifts a brow at the caution in the other’s eyes. She turns her gaze to look longingly at the wings, they look soft and she wants to at least once run her fingertips over pleated feathers. Ears unconsciouly droop a bit, wilting at the tips.

"I see."

With what she hopes is a subtle glance, Soojung traces the girl’s features. Eyes comparable to a cat’s - which is funny, coming from someone like Soojung - and a small mouth. She makes the comment before she can stop herself. “Pretty.”

Well, at the very least, the girl didn’t seem to have a desire to rip off her feathers. She looked genuinely disappointed. Sympathy didn’t hold up for very long though, since wing-touching had never been something the angel had ever been comfortable with. Some angels had no problem letting people touch their wings, but Chaerin wasn’t one who shared that trait. Her wings were an intimate part of herself, and it wasn’t for strangers to randomly touch.

The single word that escaped the girl a few moments later though brought clear brown eyes over to the girl, and she blinked in surprise. “Excuse me?” Was that comment aimed at her? It seemed so random, though. Regardless to if it was directed at her or not, Chaerin let a small smile curve her lips upward.

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