Lips press together at the refusal. Soojung lifts a brow at the caution in the other’s eyes. She turns her gaze to look longingly at the wings, they look soft and she wants to at least once run her fingertips over pleated feathers. Ears unconsciouly droop a bit, wilting at the tips.

"I see."

With what she hopes is a subtle glance, Soojung traces the girl’s features. Eyes comparable to a cat’s - which is funny, coming from someone like Soojung - and a small mouth. She makes the comment before she can stop herself. “Pretty.”

Well, at the very least, the girl didn’t seem to have a desire to rip off her feathers. She looked genuinely disappointed. Sympathy didn’t hold up for very long though, since wing-touching had never been something the angel had ever been comfortable with. Some angels had no problem letting people touch their wings, but Chaerin wasn’t one who shared that trait. Her wings were an intimate part of herself, and it wasn’t for strangers to randomly touch.

The single word that escaped the girl a few moments later though brought clear brown eyes over to the girl, and she blinked in surprise. “Excuse me?” Was that comment aimed at her? It seemed so random, though. Regardless to if it was directed at her or not, Chaerin let a small smile curve her lips upward.

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It is too hot out for Soojung’s liking. She’s perched in a tree, legs dangling while she lounges comfortably on one of the lower branches, enjoying the shade that the tree offers. To her left, out of the corner of her eye, is a flash of dusty white, partially obscured by the leaves. She leans over for a better look, blinking curiously at the pair of wings extended, in between which lays someone beautiful, monochrome eyes scanning over her figure with something like fascination.

Soojung hops down, landing easily and lightly on her feet, tail curling and flicking once. She approaches the woman - or rather, the wings that are spread over the grass - and crouches down.

"Can I touch?"

Thanks in great part to her highly trained guardian senses, the angel was easily able to identify the whereabouts of a nearby sound that introduced a new presence. Had this person been here the entire time? If so, Chaerin had been a bit too careless with her surroundings. Oh well, it was doubtful to be someone who meant to pick a fight with the angel. A sigh escaped her, as her gaze remained fixed on the blue skies above… well, until she heard a voice.

Chaerin turned to look at the person, and found what looked like a young girl. The nerves in her wings reflexively twitched at the question and the angel eyed the girl with slight wariness. “I’d prefer if you didn’t.” The last time someone had tried to touch her wings, they’d had the intention to rip them clean off.

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The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the shade was pretty good beneath the oak tree nearby the dark forest. It was perfect for hiding away from the harsh heat that the sunlight brought on. But Chaerin wanted to be in the sunlight, and was sprawled over the grass on her back with her wings fully extended on either side of her. It was rare for her to let loose like this, but hey, she could only keep them tucked in for so long before they needed a stretch, right? Besides, she had to enjoy the greyish white color in her feathers while it lasted.


"Ah, really? Lug it around just like this? That sounds like such a hassle though!" Kai mused, a frown tugging at his lips. Though after a moment he brightened, holding out his bag as he said, "You could use mine for now, if you want! I have another bag in my room as well, but it’s not too far from here so I wouldn’t have to go too far to get it. I wouldn’t mind!" Even without an answer he reached into his bag, beginning to pull his books and things out and tuck them under his arm.

"It’ll be fine. It’s not any different from carrying it on my shoulder." The angel had tried to reassure the kind stranger, but for her surprise, he started to dig through his own bag and take out his belongings. Chaerin blinked in surprise while she held out a hand to try and stop him. "Really, you don’t have to do that. You’ll need it yourself. I can just carry my stuff like this."

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I’ll be posting a list of new open plots soon, since Chae is about to embark on a new chapter in her life ;3

The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the shade was pretty good beneath the oak tree nearby the dark forest. It was perfect for hiding away from the harsh heat that the sunlight brought on. But Chaerin wanted to be in the sunlight, and was sprawled over the grass on her back with her wings fully extended on either side of her. It was rare for her to let loose like this, but hey, she could only keep them tucked in for so long before they needed a stretch, right? Besides, she had to enjoy the greyish white color in her feathers while it lasted.


Kai had just passed by the girl, kind of lost in his own little world, when he heard the crash and he startled then turned around, blinking. When he spotted what it was that made the sound - someone having an unfortunate struggle with books - he let out a little ‘oh’! And was quick to scurry over and crouch next to her, grabbing a couple books. “Let me help!” he said, even as he started gathering her books and papers and setting them in a neat pile. “That’s really sucky, huh? Do you have another bag you can use?”

With people everywhere scurrying to get to their next class on time, or just be the first in line for lunch, the angel really hadn’t expected any random acts of kindness from strangers. But there it was, a stranger kindly helping her out by grabbing whatever of her belongings he could and piling them up neatly for her. “Thank you.” Chaerin said, flashing the boy a smile. She scooped up the pile he made and tossed it into her bag. “Yea, but it’s back in my room. I’ll just have to lug this around until I go back.”

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Angel in the Club º•º Chaerin&Rav


"That’s okay," Travis murmured in her ear as he moved with her, breath hot against the side of her neck, "dancing’s more fun…"

He gladly knit his fingers in with hers, relishing the response - everything was going far better than expected. He felt bold, encouraged, and she was so beautiful. The beat kept the time to their sway, and his fingers flicked playfully at the hem of her short shorts, brushed gently over the bare skin between them and her boots. She turned him on, and he absolutely thrilled in it.

Going a full song with this woman in front of him, pressed up against her back and grinding hips in tandem with the music, the veela could really see himself having a lot of fun in her. Her place, of course - he wasn’t about to bring a woman back to Insolitus, what with all of the rampant magic use. That would be incredibly hard to explain if she wasn’t completely blackout drunk enough to forget all of it, and even on the walk of shame in the morning she might glimpse something supernatural. It was best not to risk it.

"So how about that drink?" he rumbled in her ear some time later, feeling a little more comfortable as the DJ changed over the songs by mixing together the end and the beginning.

It probably shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise to hear that this stranger was completely fine by her sidestepping out of his offer of paid-for beverages, and content with just dancing but it was a little on the surprising side. She’d seen plenty of guys strike out with the ladies, then move on to the next. Obviously he wasn’t as lighthearted.

“Dancing is my specialty, if you haven’t noticed.” Now even the angel was feeling pretty darn confident, and as a result, she rolled her hips around in a way that meant she was putting her butt further back and grazing on the guy’s crotch area. Poor guy. He had no idea she was just teasing him with her ability to move to the beat of the music. She felt his fingers slide over a piece of her her bare skin that was all thigh-action and subtly reached down with her own to flick it off.

It went on for a full song, back and forth with the come-ons and teasing dance moves. It was getting really hot too, with all the body heat radiating off of not only them two, but the dozens of bodies around them. So, when the drink was offered again, Chaerin decided that maybe it would be okay to take a small break and accept a drink bought for her. “Well, since your dancing is alright, I’ll take you up on that offer.” The angel smiled and moved to disengage her body from his, turning around to face him completely for the first time that night. Now, she could see all of his features and she had to say, he wasn’t half bad.

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Still confused on what correlation her actions and pizza had with one another, Taeyeon glanced several times from Jieun to Chaerin, slightly suspicious on why they weren’t being specific. “I still don’t get how pizza and me freaking out over Jieun’s face are related.” She let out a squeak at the feeling of her hair being pulled and she leaned away from Jieun with a pout on her face. “Was that payback for using your glass as a makeshift ice cylinder for that bruise?”

The youngest shook her head at Chaerin’s not very comforting comments then listened to Jieun’s proposition to continue their hang out in the privacy of the former guardian angel’s dorm. The dark angel did have a point about eavesdroppers and as long as she got some pizza and an explanation as promised, she didn’t mind if they changed locations. Nodding her head in agreement, she stood up and linked arms with Jieun. Flashing them a wide smile, she looked at her two fellow angels, “I vote that we get the pizza with cheese in the crust! And you two better believe I will do something about that bruise.”

Yes she was quite sure the angel wouldnt let her rest until she had made sure that Jieun had iced the bruise, knew how to take care of it on her own and got a scolding for being so rechless to have been out so late to receive it. Perhaps she would have to edit some parts of her story out so that the other didn’t get too worried.  

Dumping their dishes and clearing the table Jieun led the way out of the cafeteria tugging Taeyeons arm as she brushed her hair over her cheek hiding the bruise from those they might meet in the hallway. “So what were you up to before coming down? I feel like we’re having a family reunion.” She smiled shaking her head as she looped her other arm through Chaerins so that they made an inside out angel oreo in the hall. 

Well, it wasn’t a surprise that she and Jieun were getting the shifty-eyes look from Taeyeon. They were obviously being passive over a matter that would only cause more worry. Oh well. “We knew you’d react the way you did. Bets were made.” Chaerin laughed, amused at both the truth of the bet and the little war going on between the other two angels. Pretty soon though, she had to stand and join the expedition to her room.

"That sounds perfect. Extra cheese on just about any kind of food makes it better." The guardian angel let her arm be looped in with Jieun’s and took the first few steps that would get them moving toward the cafeteria exit. "Technically, we are family. We just branched off and formed an alliance when we got to Insolitus. Family reunion sounds, and feels, just about right." The mood was good so far, and it was gonna stay that way despite the possibility of a major freak out on Taeyeon’s part when she found out the reason behind the bruise. Chaerin grinned and nudged into Jieun’s side gently so that she would in turn sway into Yeon at the other end. "I have the best family and friends in you two."