And just like that the ice was broken between the two of them and at the mention of their other Angel friend finding her lifeless again Jieun’s lips rose in a smile and then a laugh. “I think if that were to happen again I’d be one of the causes of making her go grey early, such a worrier.” It was rare that she spoke affectionately about those who were pure and Heaven sent, but Taeyeon was different. 

"Hey," glancing down at the table Jieun toyed with her hair attempting to hide the bruise again as she sighed softly. "Thanks for listening, and caring, and not..freaking out? I’ve avoided coming out of my room for those reasons but I feel better after talking to someone, a friend." Glancing back up she smiled at Chaerin. "So thanks, and its good to see you again."

“She is, but she does it because she really does care.” Chaerin joined in on the laughter, her mind coming up with its own image of the youngest angel in their group and how she would absolutely launch a full scale panic if she ever saw Jieun hurt beyond the point of consciousness again. The girl was much too kind for the harsh sights that the world outside heaven could give, sometimes.

With a smile still on her face, the guardian angel took up her fork again and stabbed it into several bits of pasta and a piece of broccoli. She looked up though when Jieun spoke, the fork lingering in the bowl. After what was said, her smile only grew in warmth and she shook her head. “Just so you know, you’re welcome to come find me when you need to talk. About anything. But next time, let’s order several pizzas and do it in my dorm room. It’ll be more like a party, what do you say?” Chaerin grinned, obviously intending for their next meeting to be on less surprise terms.

T.F.A - Jieun x Taeyeon x Chaerin [memory]



Both angels had readily agreed to keep her secret and a sigh of relief slipped past her lips. She hadn’t expected them to deny her request by no means, but it was still nice to have their spoken word. Jieun had managed to bring herself into a sitting position and the longer she remained that way the easier she found it to breath without too much labor. Placing her hands by her side she took a deep breath and swung her legs from the bed to land softly on the floor before using her arms to push herself to a standing position. A triumphant smile was flashed despite the pain she felt from such movements. “I’m fine,” the words of reassurance were part truth because of her stubborn will to keep moving and part lie; she knew she would pay up for not resting later.

It was a short walk to get to the center of her room and after wobbling a few times Jieun managed plant her feet solid enough as she glanced left and right eying how much space she had. “This should do.” Her lids slipped shut over her brown gaze and the angel inhaled once, twice, and a third time before her back arched and her eyes shot open with a gasp. From between her shoulder blades unfurled her newly found wings sweeping out across the room stretching to their full span as Jieun placed a hand on her side and laughed somewhat breathlessly. Not a white feather was in sight from what she could see and she knew they must have changed black completely in her descent back to the academy. “That will certainly take some getting used to.”

With a tentative glance at the other two Jieun smiled clearing her throat. “I didn’t get hurt by accident,” the confession was soft and the smile dissipated as her face became as serious as possible for the typically cheerful and mischievous girl. “I took them from the vault of Heaven and got shot as I escaped.” Saying the words out loud didn’t make it seem any more real than when she had actually been on the risky mission and yet here she stood confessing to two who had managed to keep their grace. The amazement of the situation caused a soft laugh to emerge from Jieun and after a moment she was laughing quite cheerfully again as she rubbed at her eyes. “Oh my. if I wasn’t a rogue angel before, I certainly am one now. They were anything but happy with my sudden appearance.” Her hand rose to brush dark locks from around her face before she crossed both arms over her waist almost hugging herself. “But I did it, I claimed back what was mine, and made it back alive.”

With a smirk Jieun’s chin tilted a bit higher. The revelation was setting in as she spoke to her friends. “Fallen angel? Not anymore girls, I’m dark, and it feels good to have them back.” ​

She smiled in reassurance at the freshly bandaged angel as Chaerin spoke, knowing that they were both happy to help with Jieun’s recovery. Besides, who else could she expect to call for if they were the ones to find her wounded body and do whatever they could to make sure she was safe and not on the verge of bleeding to death? Of course, Taeyeon wasn’t surprised to hear her unnie agree to not say a word about what happened to her outside of the room. Whatever it was surely meant serious business. Her brown eyes watched as Jieun sat up from her lying position on the bed which she had expected if she was to share her story. However, she didn’t expect the brunette to move off the bed and force herself to stand up right when she was finished being treated no more than two minutes ago. Taeyeon’s mouth dropped open and she stretched out her arms while leaning forward, thinking that she Jieun would lose balance from the movements. Seeing that the brunette was able to stand on her own and maintain balance, she frowned, knowing that her resting period was extending with each second that she wasn’t laying back down.

Taeyeon stood up as she watched Jieun walk further from her bed, still confused on why she insisted on moving when she was supposed to be giving them an explanation. Her arms were still outstretched and ready to catch her if she fell backwards, but Jieun only wobbled before she stopped in the center of the room. Unable to hear what she said, she watched in curiosity as her friend closed her eyes and took three breaths before her back arched, revealing two black wings. The blonde’s jaw dropped in pure shock and confusion, watching with wide eyes as she watched the wings stretch to its full length. Taeyeon was rendered speechless, just barely catching the gist of Jieun’s story. She plopped back onto the bed, confusion fully taking over as she continued to stare at her now dark angel friend. “So you…but how exactly did you know…wings are kept in a vault?!” Being the youngest and the most sheltered of the group, it would be expected of her to not easily comprehend the situation.

There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but she thought it better to not overwhelm Jieun or herself for answers. “Not that I’m not happy to see you with wings, but doesn’t this mean that people will be after you for stealing them? Wouldn’t they try to take it back again and then make sure that you not able to reach heaven besides banishment?” Taeyeon worriedly glance at Chaerin, waiting to hear what she would say since she previously was the guardian of heaven’s gates before attending the academy. Her former job required her to fight off those that weren’t welcome so she was more familiar to their rules than she was and unfortunately, Jieun was classified in the category of people not allowed in heaven.

Oh man were there a buttload of questions going through Chaerin’s mind right now. One of them was, ‘are you really going to stand up when your guts could spill out and bleed until death?’ when she saw that the brunette girl was moving around and doing the exact opposite of what she should have been doing. Laying down. She would have protested, but Taeyeon seemed to have that part under control and well, Jieun really didn’t need two worrying friends fussing over her own stubbornness. If she got up and then collapsed, well then Chaerin would lift her up and plop her back on the bed where she was originally intended to stay. So instead, she just sat back down on the bed and watched the other’s movements attentively. If she swayed too far to any given side at any moment, the guardian angel would leap into action and try to avoid a body hitting the floor. At least, if she didn’t make it in time, Taeyeon would catch the injured person. Right? Oh well. Let the chips fall where they may.

It took a while, but before she knew what was happening, there were black wings expanding from either side of Jieun’s back, taking up most of the available space in the tiny dorm room. Chaerin didn’t gape as broadly as her blonde friend, but she did have raised eyebrows that expressed her surprise. Those weren’t there before. Unless she had been talking to Jieun with her head stuck in a bowl of punch, she was fairly certain that the brunette had mentioned being a fallen angel. Not a dark one. This, all of this black winged-ness, was definitely a new development. The guardian angel sighed heavily and ignored the question the youngest had asked. “You know, you have some real guts to do what you did. Sneaking in and nabbing those is no walk in the park. It’s no wonder you’re so injured now.” To be fairly honest, it didn’t matter to Chaerin how Jieun had found out where wings were stored, she was just amazed by the deed itself. Besides, anyone could do their research.

It wasn’t until Taeyeon directed a question towards her that the guardian angel blinked and glanced between Jieun and Taeyeon with a thoughtful expression on her face. “Oh, they’ll be angry alright. I imagine they’ve already alerted the archangels since it’s not something that happens often. But, I think you’ll be fine.” Chaerin ruffled her hair slightly, an action that made her seem a bit frustrated at the thought. “They probably won’t come after you. Not yet, anyway. It’s not easy to find a rouge, and honestly, they don’t have the best methods of searching the Earth for a single person. Most angels can’t even navigate lands that aren’t heaven since most never leave. Maybe in time, if they haven’t forgotten about this whole thing, they’ll form a search party with older angels.” Finally, Chaerin smiled, standing up and walking over to Jieun with a teasing tone in her voice when she spoke. “You know, things would have been much harder for you if I’d still been at the gates.” And with that, the guardian angel gently placed a hand on Jieun’s shoulder. “I’m glad you made it back alright, but you really should suck those black feathers in and lay down now.”


Not really caring about her listening or not, he stopped when he turned towards another shelf. “Mm? Oh yeah, I’m all good.” Jiyong would kill a fairy and not drink the blood before he told why he was upset,though. Through the side of his eyes, he studied the female. She had that slight elitist vibe, yet still nice altogether. He never really liked bringing ranks into things.

The atmosphere seemed, well, awkward. Chaerin shifted slightly where she sat, biting down on her lip for a moment before looking back at the male. “May I ask what class you teach? I haven’t seen you before, but I might have heard of you.” It was probably a lame topic but right now it was all she could really come up with.

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Angel in the Club º•º Chaerin&Rav


The veela saddled up behind Chaerin in the crowded club, his natural habitat, taken by the look of her - the legs, the hair, the makeup, the everything. He was drawn to her like a magnet, the thigh-high boots a promising sign of how responsive to his advances she might be; and even then, hooker boots like that might like a few free drinks that had the potential to change her mind. He’d just had payday, and he felt generous because money was burning a hole in a pocket where he had no impulse control. If the angel played her cards right, she could make out like a bandit on his dime; all she’d have to do is dodge the bachelor that circled like a vulture.

If she wanted to dodge him. The night was still young.

Annyeong,” he purred in her ear, slinking his hands around her waist to settle over her hip bones, his chest to her back. He leaned in close so she could hear him over the boom of the music, the beat that they both swayed and grooved to. “Can I buy you a drink…?”

In any other setting, or if he had been any uglier a guy, he’d be an absolute creep. Really, the only reason he was used to getting away with come-ons like this was because he was a good looking creep; the slease cut with just enough illusion of dashing rogue to get by…

Whoa whoa whoa. What was this all of a sudden? Granted, it was not unusual for guys to slide up behind girls for a dance. It was a club for these kinds of things, after all, but hot dang that was kinda fast. Not only that, but it was honestly kinda the first time the angel had ever had to deal with the experience of a guy taking initiative like this. Clubs were still a new scene for her, and this was definitely a first in her book of new experiences. Chaerin wasn’t easily scared off though, so she had a clear idea of how to handle it. She just continued to dance, thinking that maybe she could easily ignore the guy’s come-on. Obviously, that was a failed method when she suddenly felt hands grasping around her waist.

Well, it might have been a sudden movement and a bit too touchy for her comfort, but it certainly wasn’t something she was afraid of. In her defense, she was probably strong enough to pummel this guy if things got out of hand. A reason why the angel responded to the purring voice in her ear with a smile that oozed confidence while casting him a side-glance. She could tell he was a foreigner, but couldn’t place a nationality yet.

“You probably could, but I haven’t decided if I’d accept it.” The angel laughed, a sound that probably went unheard thanks to the loud music, before placing her own hand over one of the guy’s. She didn’t push him off, but rather kept him where he was in encouragement to continue dancing. Also, like this she could control where his hands went.

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"I like to move around and think when I’m in a good mood. The more you see, the better." Watching her lift a mug, he spotted the awfully sweet scent he detected. "Mm, no no. We’re not in class hours, so it’s fine. If we were out of the school  and knew each other better, I’d let you call me Jiyong. We’re all adults here…Well, most of us."

Chaerin didn’t say anything, just listened and nodded once to show she was still listening to the professor. No matter what he said, he was still someone at the academy who technically had a higher rank than she did, even if she was pretty sure she had more ability than him. “So, since you seem to be moving around a lot now, can I assume your in a good mood?”

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Running a finger along the wooden shelf, he frowned at the bit of dust. “Deciding to have a little quiet? The school can get a lil loud during the day.” He knew he wasn’t helping her quiet, but he wanted to get to know her. “Well, I don’t expect everyone to be all in your face cheerful. I was like this for a bit in June. “I’m Professor Kwon. It’s nice to meet you.”

"Yea, I haven’t really had much of a chance to just… sit around and think." The angel lifted her mug a bit, an action meant to show him that the sweet drink was meant to help her with her solo-time. When he mentioned the ‘professor’ bit in front of his name, the angel’s eyebrows rose slightly out of surprise. Whoops. "Professor, sorry for not greeting you properly." she said quickly, bowing her head politely.

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"Mm…You don’t mind if I?" He gestured around the room, spotting a tiny shelf with kinck knacks upon it. "I don’t believe we’ve met though." Looking around the room, his eyes landed upon the female. Jiyong has only spoken to one angel in his life, that being a student named Kwang.

It really wasn’t her room, so she didn’t have the right to decline him entry. “Go ahead.” She said, gesturing with one hand before placing it back on her cup’s warm bottom. Chaerin watched the male walk around the room to a shelf, taking a small sip of hot chocolate as he did. “No, I don’t think so. I haven’t been the most welcoming lately.” The angel smiled almost apologetically. “I’ve been too busy with studies. I’m Chaerin.”

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Summer: It was Jiyong’s favorite season. Deciding to take some time off from the sun, the professor wandered around the building. Toying with his watch, he absent minded wandered into a cozily lit room. Something smelled sweet…Too sweet. Looking up from his wrist, Jiyong stopped in his tracks. “Oh, hello.” 

The common room had been peacefully quiet for the better part of half an hour, and the angel had hoped it would have stayed that way. At least until she finished her drink, but of course, the room was open to everyone so it was inevitable that she’d be found. Chaerin turned to look over at the person who’d spoken and gave a frail smile that only reached one side of her lips. “Hello.”

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